Week 10

  • Presentations:
    • Yujun on Catalogtree & Yiran on Hans Rosling
    • Inhye on Ben Fry
  • A Thousand Suns: final crit


  • Stones Unturned
    • Open a terminal window in the dvia-2019 folder and type make update to pull the new assignment down from github.
    • Start off by making pencil sketches for your non-spatial ‘diagrammatic’ representation of the data in the feeds. As always, bring in at least three different approaches that vary in terms of the information being depicted and the data → retinal variable mapping. The point of these sketches is not to accurately represent the data as it exists but to illustrate your strategy for mapping the quantities, times, text strings, etc. to formal elements. These three sketches should be conceptually different from one another; not just stylistic tweaks of the same idea.
      • Place your sketches in the process folder.
      • Describe in the README.md file both the logic of your diagram designs and how they'll relate to the map representation on screen (i.e., is one a sidebar or inset to the other, are the graphics summarizing all earthquakes or do they detail specific ones selected from the map, etc.).
    • On the mapping side of things, figure out what your approach will be in terms of the tile set for the basemap, what kinds of markers you’ll be adding, what additional areas (in the form of lines or filled polygons) you’ll be calling attention to, and which attributes from the USGS data you’ll be using directly. Implement these decisions in the project folder (or copies of it if you explore multiple directions).
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