Week 11

  • Presentation: John on Otto Neurath
  • Tutorials (refer to the examples directory for details)
    • Using map() and lodash to create scatterplots
    • Converting timestamps to objects and using moment.js to deal with calendar math.
  • Meet in small groups to look over your sketches for Exercise 3


  • Stones Unturned
    • Explore the direction selected in class and prototype the different component views that will make up your final visualization:
      • Your spatial visualization should now be implemented using leaflet to present markers and popups in the style of your choosing (though the contents of the popups can be placeholder for now if they depend on your diagrammatic design)
      • Your diagrammatic design should be implemented using p5 and display somewhere on the same page as your map.
      • The diagram and map don’t need to be fully integrated yet but come to class with a clear idea of how they will interact with one another and take some first code-based steps in that direction
    • Read up on the various ways to add interactivity to your p5 sketch in the Beyond the Canvas tutorial and the create* functions (for sliders, buttons, etc.) listed in the DOM section of the reference and begin experimenting with them
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