Week 2

  • Pick research topics & dates
  • Catalog & Classify discussion
  • Workshop: Creating a fork of the course repository and committing changes
    • Make sure you've got the following installed/set-up:
      1. a text editor (consider SublimeText, VS Code, or Atom)
      2. a working Node.js installation on your laptop
      3. an account at GitHub and a copy of the GitHub Desktop client
    • Create a fork of the course repository on GitHub then clone your fork (not the original repo) to your local machine using the GitHub Desktop app
    • Open a terminal window and cd into the folder of the repository you just created. Type the command make config to link your local copy to the original. In the future you can type make update to merge upstream changes (e.g., new assignments) into your local version.
    • Type make server to start a local webserver and navigate in the browser to the 1.mapping-time folder. Note that the terminal window where you typed this will start logging the pages you load. When you’re done working, type Control-C in the terminal window to shut down the server.


  • Read the P5.js introductory materials: Getting Started, the Overview, and Color (and take a peek at the Examples section while you're at it).
  • Begin Exercise #1: Right Twice a Day
    • Complete at least three representations of the current wall-clock time (ignore days, weeks, moons, etc. for now) and document your ideas with text and sketches in the process folder
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