Week 6

  • Presentations
    • Marisa on W.E.B Du Bois & Nour on Mike Bostock
    • Lee on Tufte’s Envisioning Information
  • Right Twice a Day: final crit


  • A Thousand Suns:
    • Run make update in your repository folder to fetch the new assignment
    • Generate three exploratory visualizations based on the spreadsheet data using either Google Sheets itself or other off-the-shelf tools. Place screenshots or PDF exports of these charts in the process folder and sum up the ‘take home message’ of each in a single sentence in the process/README.md file
    • In addition, add three pencil sketches to the process folder exploring ways in which you could represent the nuclear testing data without using a map. Focus on what aspects of the data you plan to present, which you will omit, and what needs to be summed, grouped, or averaged in order be most comprehensible.
  • Reading #2: The Subtleties of Color
    • Post your response with the tag ‘R2’ before the start of class
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