Week 8

  • Presentation: Amanda on Tahir Hemphill
  • P5 Mini-tutorials:
    • Open a new Terminal in the dvia-2019 folder and type make update to get the newest files
    • SVG Export: You can save your p5 sketches to SVG files that can then be opened and tweaked in Illustrator. Look in the svg-export folder for an example of what you need to add to your code to make it work.
    • Brewer palettes: If the chroma.js library is too heavyweight for your needs, take a look at my brewer palette generator and see if you find it easier to use. Consult this catalog to find the name of the palette you want.
    • Table objects: See the table-from-cvs example and follow its nested for-loop structure to step through each row and column in turn. Also look at the sequential-palette sketch to see how to calculate value ranges and map them to color ranges.
  • Small group meetings and in-class work session


  • A Thousand Suns
    • Create three code-based sketches exploring your chosen design direction for depicting the testing data and your candidate representations of the external data you’ve collected.
    • If you end up modifying an SVG generated by your p5 code, place a PDF of your modified version in the process folder and update the process/README.md file with a description of what it depicts. Make sure you choose a filename for the PDF that makes it clear which .js file it was derived from.
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