Week 2

  • Conclude our Catalog & Classify discussion
  • A quick primer on Retinal Variables
  • Begin Excercise #1: Right Twice a Day
    • First step: log into your GitHub account and leave a comment in this thread to get read/write access to the course repository.
    • Next: Go to the top-level of the repo and click the big green button to ‘Clone or Download’, then select ‘Open in Desktop’ in the popup.
    • Finally: locate the folder with your name in the students/ subdirectory. Be sure that every file & folder you add or modify lives within here. Also, do not touch anything in the lib subdir — it’s a symlink to files shared by all students.


  • Complete your first draft of Exercise 1 (including your sketches & ideas in the process subdirectory) and push your commits to github before class.
  • Read the three essays on ‘badness’ in information graphics. For every reading assignment, you will be expected to post a short (250–500 word) write-up summarizing what you took to be the ‘message’ of the piece, what you agreed or disagreed with, and what you’d be curious to hear your peers’ opinions about. Be sure to add the tag "R1" to your post by clicking on the gear icon at the top of the screen and don’t forget to Publish your draft.
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