Week 5

  • Kieran Healy chapter: discussion
  • Right Twice a Day: in-class work
    • By the end of class have three concepts (including pencil sketches) for a time visualization that includes the hours/minutes/seconds values from your ‘clock’ explorations and at least three ‘calendar’ variables of your own choosing (day of week, month, season, etc.)
    • Commit your sketches to the process folder in a file called hybrid-sketches.pdf by the end of class and detail their logic in the README.md file in that directory.


  • Right Twice a Day
    • Incorporate feedback and finalize your three code-based date visualizations
    • Develop one of your three ‘hybrid’ calendar + clock concepts in code for your final visualization. As before, duplicate the project folder and title it final. Once you’ve settled on an idea, rename the folder to something with a descriptive suffix (e.g., final-radial-weekdays).
    • Create a README.md file within that final folder that gives your visualization a proper title and include a brief explanataion of how the 3 clock variables and additional date variables have been encoded into retinal variables for the final visualization. In other words, describe it well enough for someone to make sense of your visualization if you weren’t there to explain it to them
    • Note that by next class you should have 7 folders total containing your visualizations from the past several weeks. Make sure the folder names all start with either clock-#, date-#, or final. For instance:
      • clock-1-short-title
      • clock-2-another-short-title
      • clock-3-yet-another-title
      • date-1-yadda-yadda
      • date-2-foo-bar-baz
      • date-3-etc-etc-and-so-forth
      • final-something-something
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